The issues you have put to us

What is Lime?

Lime is a material obtained by calcining the limestone in powder form and white.

It can work in different ways.
We can add pigments, glass beads ... ... to obtain the color and the selected texture.
The application is also varied: hand, trowel, spatula ... .. to provide different visual renderings.

Benefits of lime:

- It is an environmentally friendly material
- It is hydrophobic (natural anti humidity)
- It is without chemical fume
- It is easy to maintain
- It's French (lime Saint Astier)

What is lighting 12V?

We offer our luminaires supplied with DC 12 volts. The light from bulbs or low voltage LED circuit. The items we offer are all based on this principle in order to meet our environmental criteria (very low power consumption), but also for security purposes because the low voltage LED bulbs produce very little heat. All our light fixtures come with a 220/12 adapter. Reducing energy consumption is an everyday little more for the planet and economy for your budget.

All your fixtures are they lit with LEDs?

For a very large majority, actually, we use LED bulbs low-voltage 12V with a small transformer. Some of our creations are data with more conventional bulbs, but that remains marginal.


What wood floats?

Driftwood is wood that has been driven onto the coast (of any form of body of salt water) by the action of wind, currents and tides. There are different shapes and colors of driftwood: roots, boards, trunk, branches, fragments ...... Is your wood treated? The driftwood do not require treatment. Sea salt is incompatible with a life of insects. On the dead wood, we try as far as possible not to treat but in some cases we are forced to spend an insecticide. Varnishes, paints are used exclusively to water.

Where do you get the Driftwood?

We collect Driftwood mainly on the beaches of South Brittany. So we'll go through a few kilometers walk in the dunes, coves, small bays where the coastal currents of the moment brings us wood. Wood himself in certainly travelled a great distance in the ocean.

All your achievements are Driftwood?

Our achievements are created in driftwood and reclaimed wood. The wood is reuse, sometimes turned away when it reaches the end of its first use. So the creation can mix of driftwood and reclaimed wood.