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Rana Gast lampe

Great reclaimed wood lamp from a walk around the vineyard.

625.00 €
Lamp Long Hair Fairy

Lamp consists of a line of dried seaweed branches and decorated with a small wooden frame. The whole is backlit by

75.00 €
Torn pink lamp

Great sapwood lamp floated natural pink reflections wearing a big blind.

270.00 €
Steel bar chairs

Set of 2 Stools / steel bar chairs renovated in steel.

50.00 €
Rounded wood Lamp

Large driftwood lamp decorated with authentic rope and a big blind.

190.00 €
White tree lamp

Great inspiration lamp white tree under large shade chocolate.

240.00 €
Coat rack mushroom

Coat rack or door Wooden wall hats and driftwood with three large wooden hangers. All recalls a populated branch of mushrooms.

55.00 €
Large lamp icy pebbles

Great Ice wooden roller lamp as wire lampshade. The rollers are arondis or tapered.

99.00 €
Light in bottle

Medium lantern lamp made of stone and wood with a recycled bottle.

99.00 €
Low table PLASTIC

Round coffee table "Plastic" in reclaimed wood float

125.00 €
Float rectangular coffee table

Beautiful rectangular coffee table dual trays. Gray, worn white vintage reclaimed wood floated.

355.00 €
BiCubicCity Painting

Table of wood volume. The anarchy of the city.

560.00 €
Wood'n bayou Lamp
55.00 €
Driftwood lamp classic crumpled

Average driftwood lamp decorated with a crumpled lampshade.

85.00 €
PixaLamp Task light

Wooden average float decorated lamp cords and recycled suspension.

75.00 €
Wood lamp attraction

Wooden average lamp floated gray and black lampshade son.

99.00 €
Driftwood lamp Classic

Average driftwood lamp mouse gray theme decorated with a square shade.

75.00 €
Small pebbles wooden lamp

Series of small desk lamps, bedside or small decorative pebbles wood cut and assembled by hand.

35.00 €
Leaning roller lamp

Small desk lamp, bedside or small decorative pebbles wood carved and assembled. The lamp is leaning on the side but still very stable.

35.00 €
Press books white theme

Two press wooden books recovery and real pebbles assembled by hand. Patina finish in white on raw wood.

25.00 €
Small driftwood lamp

Desk lamp series, bedside or small decorative wood floated round with a little color blind date.

35.00 €