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Environmental Charter

image illustration
We absolutely must mobilize to minimize our impact on our environment.

Weblandes has adopted an ecological approach that we are committed to every day. As being responsible for our environment is fully compatible with the economy.



[to0] ENERGY: [/to0]

Our lighting exclusively from renewable energy: solar and wind energy. We have adopted a low voltage lighting 12V DC. We hope in the near future be able to operate all our computer with this clean energy.

[to0] HEATING: [/to0]

The heating our premises focuses on two areas: Effective and natural insulation from recycled cotton fiber and wood heating (including wood or recovered).

[to0] WATER: [/to0]

Our household water consumption exclusively from rainwater water. We hope soon, to extend the principle to all of our consumption. The wastewater is processed internally by a micro autonomous station rejecting purified water to 98%.

[to0] HOSTING WEBSITE: [/to0]

We chose Infomaniak Network SA to the quality of its hosting services but also for its ecological commitment . Indeed Infomaniak only buys servers with technology "low voltage", less energy (electricity consumption and waste heat)

[to0] PAPER: [/to0]

Despite the enormous production of paper documents produced by our government, we try to minimize the production of paper documents in favor of paperless documents. Also, all the paper produced in-house including for the trash is converted into heat.



image illustration Our low voltage lighting and 12V DC power is very low. It is provided by an electric production based on solar panels and a wind turbine. All through temporary storage in solar batteries discharge slowly. We hope to extend the principle to be fully autonomous energy for both lighting and our computers.

image illustration Our use of household water is rainwater origin. We expect an adaptation of our water network to be there too independent.