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We give you news of my living planet better and take the opportunity to offload a bag that is too heavy.

So here, the show My Planet Better rose by leaving us a serious bitter taste.

We were promised 30 000 visitors in 1000 came in off cash.

We worked them hard to prepare this event and we were disappointed by people who do not care of provided work, do not respect others, have no consciousness of a mission accomplished, have no consideration of ideologies to which we are committed.

This was to be a living conveying values ​​such as solidarity economy and circular, preservation of the environment ... in the end we found ourselves in a classic economic model where only the profit account at the expense of others.

Under a nice varnish ecological, humanistic, innovative hide really unscrupulous people guided by the idea of ​​profit and full of bad intentions.

We do not play the "Calimero" but doing a simple observation. The Planet is far from being saved with this kind of individuals.

Chasing Stars show biz to make a small picture with, gargle shouting everywhere that everything is successful, things are easy. The reality is different, it is a complete fiasco!

We do not include the names of the organizers / organizers, a repair procedure amicably is ongoing.

Fortunately, we still beautiful meetings.
Artisans: we weld face of adversity and have the same vision in general.
The few customers present were incurred.
And two great encounters the atmospheres festival staff.

Stay tuned.

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