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Manufacture by step in our ultra geek decorative object: the hashtagDans Creations

We decided to create a very geek Deco object and in the air of time: "HASTAG"
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First step

Start with a sketch.

Blog decoration

Second step:

Choose pieces of driftwood in our stock which best suit our purposes.
After being pampered, trimmed, cleaned, it will extrude the slots to be able to put the pieces together.

Blog decoration

Third step:

Choosing the wood base and draw compass.

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Step Four:

Cut the wood to shape the base. The base and the tips of driftwood are ready.

Blog decoration


Blog decoration

Step Five:

Tinting base with a dye "house" gray iridescent
Our dyes are chosen as healthy as possible with all the criteria to respect the environment.

Blog decoration

Step Six:

Place the timber in such a way that they form the desired hashtag.

Blog decoration

Step Seven:

Make the notches in the driftwood so that wood are embedded in thickness and third peg / paste to assemble them.

Blog decoration

Step Eight:

Tint hashtag with iridescent gray stain.

Blog decoration

Step Nine:

The hot burning the word "hashtag" and cleaning.

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Step Ten:

Putting it all. Make finish linseed oil and it is the object is finished !!

To see the finished product, find theHashtagin the shop:

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