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The days get longer, the birds are singing in less than a week in the spring will be officially back!

Several bird species have already taken the lead to build nests.

It is time to think about them.

If you have the chance to install a box Titi, go.

Their number decreases dramatically for multiple causes: excessive use of pesticides, habitat loss, hunting ...

They need our help. We can combine business with pleasure:
it is important to offer them a safe place to nest replace / complement their natural habitat,
it's exciting to see the bustle and very moving to see their little take flight,
if you have kids, they will love watching and learn many things.

We create custom Titi boxes and hotels insects that will make the subject of a future post on our blog.

Feel free to order them.

However, if you decide to buy your birdhouses addition, beware of what you're offered. The materials are often chemically treated, the beautiful paintings that are often irrelevant to the feathered and sometimes poisoned.

Before investing, make sure that the chosen nesting box meets the strength requirements, dimensions ...

Wishing you a good observation

A good reader

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