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Bogaleco at Morgat's market
Bogaleco Morgat's market

The summer season comes to an end.

Thank you all for contributing to the development of Bogaleco!

A special thought to Marie-Claude and Marie-Christine, Clara de Bordeaux and her parents, Carole and Christophe d'Angers, Barbara, her boyfriend and their parents, Tristan, Joachim, Anne-Laure, Laurent, our Dutch customers Italians, Germans, English ... and all others for their sympathy!

Thank you to our friends craftsmen hoping all goes well for their part in the future.

Thank you to Louis for the organization in Morgat, listening and kindness!

For not doing Drucker our markets, there have been few incidents of disrespect for some people but fortunately still rare, are not worth the trouble to go into details.

The rest of the adventure in Paris, perhaps?

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