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It happened to us a beautiful story.

It starts with a phone call. An artist give us the project, he loved our bright creations and would like to use as decoration.
It is called Youri Defrance also known under the name of Youri Blow.

Throughout his travels, he impregnates with shamanism, bring instruments such as violins and Mongolian vieles and follows a spiritual musical path.
We let you discover his universe:
See his latest album
It s very beautiful clip selected by the Inrocks

We share a lot of ideas: we refuse the standardization of the creation, we respect each other, we respect the environment.

We are pleased to have participated in this project.

We met a person inhabited and listen.

Here some pictures of its representation in Brest at the Vauban cabaret on September 28.

You'll recognize some of our creations including hair fairies, Rana Gast and others.


Youri Defrance
Wandlight en concert
Cheveux des fées en concert


Photos de Kevin Perro.

The clip

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