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Today we want to share our fed.

We are extremely lucky to live near the ocean, we are among the privileged to be able to go to admire every day. It is also our playground surfing, kite, diving ... we are fully aware of that luxury.
But we are also witnesses of global warming, pollution in all its forms ...
We are fed up with among others the plastic pollution !!

After a storm sea, the beach is littered with plastic: water bottles, yoghurt pots, bags ...

This is scary! After a moment of depression is anger prevails.

The plastic has a lifetime of at least thousand years, pollution is therefore long-term ...
Not content to be made of phthalates and other polymers, the plastic has a high propensity to concentrate pollutants such as PCBs
It disintegrates into small particles and is thus largely new pelagic funds ...
This is a disaster for marine wildlife (dolphins, birds, turtles ...)

Many studies in the field are very interesting: impact on albatrosses, polar bears ...

We are all responsible for this. We do not do morality but only if, all of us, could be aware that by limiting our consumption of plastic in our everyday life, promoting recycling, by not disposing of our waste anywhere, we would limit the problem.

BRAVO to the transition to the Surfrider Foundation, which organizes the annual beaches clean!

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