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Panneaux de bois agglomérés collés

 To see the report produced on a large Swedish furniture brand which passed Tuesday, April 19, 2016 on french TV Fance 2:

Our view on this brand and its competitors of the same ilk:

Their products do not prevent deforestation as for chips, sawdust must be real wood and therefore cut trees. Often shaved places are replanted fast growing trees is a culture of forest and not a real forest. This causes massive destruction of biodiversity.

Health side of the head:

the wood panels used for the construction of furniture are the main sources of formaldehyde in the air in our homes. The industriesl operate thermosetting adhesives based on formaldehyde. Formaldehyde, a volatile compound that causes irritation of the eyes, respiratory tract ... It was classified as definite carcinogen by the International Centre for Research on Cancer.

The report draws on the low prices offered by this brand but reduced to wood quality, the products are expensive ... Let's add two words about their life, if we can talk about time, they degrade quickly and station those who move frequently, they do not take the successive manipulations!

And not talking about originality ... nothing very pleasing to have a home normalized and standardized ...

To each their own opinion.

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