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Destruction des calanques par l'usine de Gardanne


We are sorry to begin by indignant article but we must write about factory of Gardanne.

Lot of return holidays, for those had lucky to take.

For those who know Cassis's Calanques, it's the place for evocation of Provence, sun, cliffs and of course the Grande Bleue.First it's a paradise on Earth and then we learn what's happening and everything changes.

How can we pollute, destroy this beautiful place ?

How can we poison people who live there ?

How Government can give this agreement to in this kind of industry ?

Do not misunderstand about our questions, we understand it's a money story, lot of money like always.

But it's still disgusting...

You will say, we all participate to this pollution, the alumina is in lot of objects of current consommation.

We are conscient about this problem. We heartbroken and we must use some alternative, less consume, best consume.

Bravo to Thalassa.

One thought to all of our friends provencal.


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