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If there is a subject dear to us, it is the preservation of our environment .

We are well aware that we can not change everything , but if we are mobilizing all trying to do, on our scale , beneficial actions for our planet so pretty so we limit our impact.

So , we develop lighting twelve volt low voltage.

This allows a considerable reduction in our energy consumption without "edit" our comfort or our lives every day.
The 12V power uses LEDs ( light emitting diode) .

LEDs do not emit very little heat, no fire hazard , so we can create objects in the original design with different materials before unusable due to security constraints .
This gives us the ability to fully exploit our imagination.

Moreover , LEDs have a long lifetime.

By combining , down more durable energy consumption do you do good to the world but also your wallet !!

In this spirit , we have arranged all of the lighting in our house and our workshop 12V .
The financial economy is enormous !!

Let's finish with a quote from Mother Teresa :

" We realize that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But if that drop was not in the ocean, it fails . "

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