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In recent days, we spend all our time in our workshop.

We allow free to our imagination to shape objects.

It is always a magical moment to think about the path of the tip of driftwood.

Imagine his story:

in any place of the world, under what conditions the tree grew up?


what were its inhabitants?


the piece of wood he has broken during a gust of wind or the tree has it been cut?


how many kilometers the wood has come?


is he fell from a boat?


in which sea current was it taken you?


how long he was in the water?


which marine animals crossed it done?

many questions arise ...... all this to end on a beach, be picked up and have a second life as an object.
We discover colors and surprising forms.
We take a lot of fun and we put a lot of heart in our creations.
Hoping that it meets your expectations and that you take as much satisfaction watching them.


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