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Our creations at manoir du hilguy.Dans Event

Manoir du Hilguy.

A long time since our last publication for a good cause : a lot of work !

We had the great privilege to photograph our creations at the Manoir du Hilguy.

Hilguy Hall welcome

We would like to thank warmly Mrs Fessieux and her team for their lovely welcome. The Manoir du Hilguy is a beautiful building charged of history. Built in 1682 by the Videslou, the Manoir du Hilguy has participated in history by seeing born rich descendants of royalty on the one hand, on the other hand, it served as area of the coastal defences of Bigouden country.

The haunted mirror

The great mirror of the library bears the scars of the war : three ball impacts. The Manoir du Hilguy would have witnessed the clashes with Resistance. It is even rumored that the place would be haunted. Everything was so together to ensure a special atmosphere that emerges and that our creations are in line with the place.

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