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Why buy Bogaleco's creation?
First, because creation is unique. You will not get two identical.
We create by following our ideas, but we also manufacture follow yours if you want a custom object!
Do not hesitate to contact us, we create custom!
Then, the materials used are environmentally friendly.
We collect driftwood next door to us and we do not treat. We do not cheat by using bleach to get one uniforme.Beware when you buy wooden objects float in supermarkets is mostly fake driftwood, sandblasted and chemically treated chlorine factory! Environmental impact ensured not to mention the disastrous working conditions of staff. Our wood has different shades from one piece to another, and this is natural look!
We collect wood around that would end as waste when we can give it a second life.
We recycle objects either by repairing or by giving them another utility, diverting their primary function.
We help to reduce waste.
Our creations are not harmful to your health and the health of those you love.
We invent based on natural materials, recycled while having an innovative project: we want you to make energy savings. For this, we use the DC low voltage with low voltage 12V high.
This technology is little known in France yet it is a great alternative consumption.
For an LED bulb actual consumption of 4W, you will have made a 25W light, knowing that its life is estimated between 10,000 and 15,000 hours!
If everyone (individuals, companies, municipalities ...) passed continuously lighting 12V low voltage current, there would be less need for nuclear power!
You make real savings without depriving yourself, without changing lives.
You participate in the maintenance of employment in France: we are creators in Finistère and we put our heart!
So you will participate not to human exploitation (poor working conditions in some countries) not the exploitation of the environment (forest destruction, pollution ...).
We are open-minded some our creations are abroad.
We are delighted to share with you and are at your disposal.
We have got a particular emotion thinking at our creations in your home.
At Bogaleco, you are not a number!
Our objects are not more expensive than in big stores : the choice of materials is better, the idea is original , the work is better finished , you will not have to change every 5 minutes even though our works require certain delicacy !
We want everyone found there : you dear customers and us to be able to live and continue to defend our values.
So, we wait for you with smile.

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