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What do we offer?

We offer different objects, lighting, decoration, furniture...

Common to the various products Bogaleco frame is the respect and preservation of the environment.

You will find as well as recycled objects as our creations in wood, driftwood, wood of recovery. We also offer achievements to the old to lime.

In our ecological philosophy, we install on our current bulbs lights continuously to low voltage (12V) for simple energy savings and without constraint. A transformer is supplied with each lamp.

Bobaleco bois flotté et galet


Where are we?

We are at the end of the Earth (in Finistère) here where the Earth leave place to the ocean.
We are deep in the Bay of Audierne and thus are very fortunate to be able to enjoy everyday of the wonders given by nature.

Our philosophy

Nature is a valuable asset that we must at all costs preserve.
We put all our energy to try to give a new life to natural materials or objects already in use.
It is obvious that the collection of driftwood, pebbles is in respect of the environment and local authorities.
In this consumerist world it is important to be aware of our impact on our beautiful planet Earth.
We do not refuse the technology, the evidence! but we try to think differently from the imposed model (see our commitment).

All this is we want to be close to our customers to meet their desires of single object.
The retailer-customer relationship is very important and so much more fun that be treated as 'number '!

About us

As you may have already guessed, and at the risk of telling us we are all lovers and two nature lovers.
We spend a lot of time watching whether on land or in water.

Because of our personal journeys, we each have an artistic training.

We are also motivated to try on our scale to improve a few things in our world.
Bogaleco is a trademark under the number: 15 4 204 319

image illustration, environmentally committed company.
Convinced of the merits on the environment and the economy, we have adopted Environmental Charterthat we are committed to every day.